Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Last fight?!

So Wade will be doing a fight on Saturday the 23rd! Could be his last! Ok, so I am proud of him and he has worked incredibly hard and he is really good it, but it sure does make my stomach hurt! I hate thinking about him getting hit or worse, hurt! Honey, I know you are super tough, but I can't imagine you getting knocked out, kicked, punched and cut! Regardless I will always be cheering him on. His sisters, brother and their spouses and I have all got our VIP tickets and we'll be there screaming our guts out! End it in the first round honey, as planned!

I'm so excited too, because that same weekend my sister, niece, and momma will be coming out to go see Ballet West's Cinderalla and to have to fabulous girl time! It's my favorite!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone tomorrow! Hope you all get some candy or something! :)


Anonymous said...

We will be cheering for Wade! (and praying for Brynn...) We wish you luck on the 23rd and will see you on the 22nd-love sis

Iverson Family est. 2006 said...

I cant believe he's doing another fight. I really wish we could be there. I'll pray he doesnt get hurt, not that he isnt tough but he isnt invisable. Good luck and let us know how it goes, and will it be on t.v.?

Iverson Family est. 2006 said...

I'm so happy Maverick is finally feeling better. We still cant have him around alot of people but at least he's not like he was. Good luck with the fight. I dont know how you do it, Im sure you worry your self sick. Heck Im not even married to him and Im worried, It has to be hard on you.