Monday, April 7, 2008

The Kitchen

I thought I'd post some pictures of all our remodeling projects in the works! So, this is to give you and idea of what the kitchen looks like with the wood floor, bead board and new trim. I wish I had a picture of the old floor so you can appreciate it more, it was so awful! We will be painting the cupboards soon and of course everything else needs to be painted also.


Melissa said...

Hi, my name is Melissa Haskell. I found your blog by accident and I have enjoyed reading it lately. :) Our blog's name is The Haskell Rascals, so I thought it was cool that that is your hubby's nickname. Anyway, love the blog design and congrats on a baby!

Anonymous said...

Brynnie! I LOVE your house- it is sort of pathetic that I am viewing it for the first time on your blog! Keep posting picts of it- that is fun to look at! You guys have done such a good job! Love-sis