Monday, July 14, 2008

Yard sale!

Wade and his mom, Marie

Wade and his sister Chelsey

Our house with the sweet blue van

My huge flower patch that doesn't look so grand

So we had a yard sale and it turned out ok, not fantastic, but ok. We have tons of stuff left over, so Wade wants to do it again another weekend. I'm fine with just loading it up and taking it to D.I.!! Oh well, I guess if we can make a little money, it's worth it. Don't you love the pictures of my awesomely messy garage in the background? And can you see Wade's sweet blue van in the driveway? Yes, we are the ultimate in white trash! I tried to take the pictures so you could see our house and my pretty flowers, but all you can see are my weeds and my flowers look a lot less impressive in the pictures. Oh well. I guess there are more important things than worrying about the darned weeds. I've about had it with trying to keep up with them anyway!!

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