Monday, August 11, 2008

I think I have bed sores!

You know how you wish every day that you could just sit down for a minute or take a nap? Well, now that I am forced to sit or lay all day, it's making me crazy. I keep telling myself to enjoy it because when this little fella does come (in many many weeks) that I will wish I would have enjoyed it because I will be busy and not able to sleep! I keep playing on the computer. I've read two books and there just aren't that many good shows on TV anymore. Why can't "The Cosby Show" be on 24/7? I mean, that is some good TV right there! Can you tell I haven't watched too much TV in a while? With my goofy work schedule I am completely out of the loop on the new sitcoms and such. I think I'm going to have to have Wade set up my card tables so I can do some scrapbooking or something! The relief society will be bringing us dinner all week and it really makes me feel guilty. It's so kind, generous and thoughtful of everyone, but when I don't even cook for Wade normally, I feel a little sheepish taking their yummy food! Oh well, I guess that Wade deserves a break from cooking for me and all his frozen burritos he has to eat :)
I saw the doctor today and he said that everything looks ok. I still have to take the terbutaline every 4 hours (I like to compare it to meth, as it makes me shake and my heart race and I feel all crazy, panicky and that's how all the meth patients act) and I have to stay on bedrest for two weeks. After that he will decide what to do with me. I am still having contractions but they are not regular and are pretty random. I just wish they would go away completely. It's still pretty scarey to have them and I just hate the feeling. I keep trying to say nice things to my uterus in the hopes of calming it down. Ha, ha. I don't think it's working. :) I'm hoping that I will eventually be able to go back to work at least a couple of shifts a week. If not as a nurse, hopefully I can do some paperwork, chart audits or at least be the tech in the back answering the phone and putting in orders. We'll see I guess. And sorry about the long posts. Just remember, I'm bored. :)


Amy said...

Hey Brynnie! We've been thinking about you a TON and we're praying for you for sure. I've NEVER watched so much TV as I do now and I totally agree, there's nothing to watch! I watch a lot of the Independent Film Channel and the Turner Classic Movies. I'll browse weeks and weeks and weeks in advance in the hopes of something good coming on so I can DVR it and watch it at midnight during a feeding. Lol.

I hope you're doing alright and coping with the boredom! Love ya sister - Ame

Ivylmnm said...

Hey girlie! I know how bed rest is so I totally have sympathy for you! Have you been watching some of the Olympics? I haven't watched much but I turn it on when I can. This morning it's just basketball but there's bound to be something better tonight. Uh oh! Abi is throwing something down the stairs...gotta go! Love ya! Ivy Lou

Chelsea Dawn said...

Oh sad hun! I figured oyu were on your off weeks, casue you know we never work together! lol Well I will miss you and I hope that you take care of those "bed sores"! Eat ice cream, and bon bons, and make your hubby give you foot rubs! Let me know if I can do ANYTHING! I will run right over, and I am not kidding about that at all! You have always been one of my favorites!