Tuesday, August 19, 2008

It's Tuesday! (I think)

My poor dad had to have lithotripsy at the IMC hospital in Salt Lake yesterday. He had an obstructing 6mm kidney stone and had to wait 5 days to have the lithotripsy. When they came out last week to stay with us he woke up in the middle of the night on Wednesday with the pain. But he wouldn't go to the hospital until they got home to Vernal on Friday. He has them so much that he thinks he needs to just be tough. Anyway, after he finally had the lithotripsy he was in a lot of pain still and he was a little upset. He thought that after the procedure he would be pain free. So, they came and stayed at my house and they left to go back to Vernal today and he is feeling much better. It's nice to have them here since all I do is sit here with the cat. Frank is great company, but it's nice to have someone around who actually talks back to me! They always clean my house and my yard while they are here too. Poor fellas. They probably feel like my slaves! Wade has been trying to do the house work, but since he is working tons of extra hours some things just fall behind. I'm just grateful to everyone who has brought us dinner and helped us out in so many ways. We are very blessed and so grateful! I am still having contractions but they are very random and not painful which is a great sign. I am still keeping my fingers crossed that I will be able to go back to work, even on light duty. I need to work because we need the money, but also I have got to quit eating so much! It's horrible to realize that all I'm doing is sitting here stuffing my face 24 hours a day!!! Ha, ha! We'll see what the doctor says on Monday! :) (besides take it easy with the eating)

My pictures are a little fuzzy. I think it's because I shake so bad from my medicine! This is mom hanging out in the basement.

My dad and his famous "reading lamp". I think he has a billion of these. One in is truck, some in the garage, one in each of the bedrooms. He loves to read and he loves his little head lamps. It's hilarious!


Anonymous said...

oh hun! hang in there! I have a weird request but could i use you as a reference? lol let me know! thanks preggo!

chelsea said...

this is chelsea btw i'm not logged in! lol