Thursday, September 11, 2008


I got tagg-ed by Amy :) So... here it goes

1. Listening to Wade laugh as he watches "The Office"
2. Naptime
3. Feeling baby Jericho do his wiggles
1. Delivering too soon :(
2. Losing someone I love
3. Not being able to be with my whole family in case of a major catastrophe. (ditto Amy)
1. Finish the baby's room
2. Finish our kitchen cabinets
3. Make it to at least 36 weeks :)
1. ICE - I'm driving myself crazy hearing myself chew it
2. food in general
3. worrying about baby
1. I swallowed a cow magnet on the 4th of July when I was 7
2. I have to have gum and chapstick all the time or I panick
3. I believe in aliens and UFOs! Lol. (Ditto again Amy. I am a Lemon after all)

I tag Nikki, Shawna, Ivy, and whoever else actually reads my blog :)


The Hone's said...

Chewing ice must be a pregnant thing because i do it all the time now. Crazy.

Anonymous said...

ok- I finally found my computer and set it i know i am do i do it? -sis