Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Ok, so I have lots more pictures I need to add, but this is a start! I added these while my momma was holding Jericho, now I'm at work and trying to type this so I can post it! Life with a baby is definately interesting! I really get NOTHING done! But I am excited cuz I actually cleaned my house today! (Just cuz I had company coming) :) It is quite an experience to try and sing/talk/clap/dance for Jericho and clean at the same time. I'm sure my neighbors are wondering what in the world the goofy lady is doing that they can see through the window!
The first picture is of daddy Wade and Jericho at our Christmas eve party in Vernal. Aren't they adorable!? Jericho looks just like his handsome daddy. The next picture is of my brother-in-law, Ryan and my brother's baby boy Jeremy. Ryan LOVES the babies and he is so cute with them! Next is my brother, Travis with Jeremy. Not a great picture, but it's all I had. Not a very cooperative subject.
The next two pictures are of my chubby little man in his santa suit. As you can tell he didn't enjoy momma trying to take his picture, but he is still pretty darned handsome!
I'm so lucky because my wonderful mom and dad came out today to babysit all the way from Vernal! How awesome is that? I have to take a TNCC (trauma nursing core course) renewal class the next two days and I needed a babysitter. Fortunately Jericho has some pretty fantastic grandparents who are always so excited for a chance to see him! My dad even got off work so he could come! And it's a good thing they did cuz I finally cleaned my house. :)
Stay tuned for more pics! I'll try and be more diligent and get them posted!
P.S. Jericho is now 11 weeks old today! Holy cow time flies! He loves to smile and try to eat his hands and kick his little legs like crazy! He is also starting to wean himself from breast feeding and his momma is super sad! I'm trying to keep him going, but he is preferring the bottle all the time now. :(


Kayla said...

Jericho is such a cutie! I love his pictures in his Santa suit. He looks like he's getting so big!

Anonymous said...

i love those pictures....

Ivylmnm said...

Jericho really is a gorgeous baby!

Thought I would let you know that Kathy Haslem had her baby boy! She was about 8 days overdue, too! Whew!

Love ya!