Tuesday, November 3, 2009

ONE whole year!

It seems absolutely impossible that my little baby boy is going to be one whole year old at 1220 A.M. November 4th. Totally and completely crazy. I remember the exact moment I started into labor on November 3rd. I had just told Tom I would come in and work half of his shift and not even 20 minutes later, I started having contractions. I had a regularly scheduled dr. appt and while I was in the waiting room, the contractions were hurting pretty good so I thought I'd better find someone to work for me. Luckily Becky was willing and so I didn't have to worry too much about that. The dr. said I was only dilated to a 1 and to just try to tough it out for awhile. He said "when you can't stand it anymore, go ahead and go to the hospital". I wanted to cry then, because it hurt pretty bad. I kept thinking that I was a pretty big wuss and was in for it. I came home and told Wade that we would be having a baby soon and he looked at me kind of like I was crazy. I had him go to the gym and I tried to just pace the house, take a bath and keep my mind off of things, but holy cow! Those contractions were HORRIBLE!!! I was having them every 2-3 minutes and they were pretty intense. Most of the time I was kneeling on the floor or by my bed praying my guts out that I would be able to do this. I didn't want to go to the hospital too soon and not even be dilated. After all of my pre-term labor and previous hospital visits I had learned I wanted to be exactly sure and I didn't want to spend more time there than I needed. Around 7 pm I couldn't stand it anymore and I called Wade and told him to please come home. He came home and we took off for the hospital. I had already told my parents I was in labor when I went to the Dr. appt earlier so they were on their way from Vernal. When I got to the hospital I was dilated to a 4. I was so glad that I had at least made some progress. But boy, did I want that epidural. By 8 pm. I was dilated to an 8 and still no epidural. My contractions were every minute with no breaks inbetween and I was sure I was going to die. I was crying, holding the nurses hand, yelling at Wade and I just kept saying, "I'm sorry, I know I am a wimp, but I can't do this, I really can't". Everyone was so patient with me. I really was the classic screaming woman from every TV show you've ever seen. My mom and dad walked in about this time and I was so grateful to see them. I pretty much squeezed my poor momma's hand off as they kept trying to get the epidural in. Finally after 3 attempts I finally had a working epidural. AHHHH!! Oh, those suckers are from heaven! But my little baby boy wasn't going to fit through my pelvis and I had actually regressed in dilating. They said I needed a c-section and quickly. So, by 1220 a.m. we had our adorable 9 lb 1 oz 21 inch baby boy in the world. He was the cutest, chubbiest and hungriest baby boy! I was so grateful that after all our scares of him coming too soon and then not being able to come he was here safe and sound.
Now, one year later we have the happiest, silliest, most adorable baby boy who is growing up way too fast. He is still so happy, loves to give us his cheesiest smiles, loves to crawl super fast, stand up to everything, pull anything and everything out of any basket, cupboard, box or closet he can find. Jericho loves to read his books and just jabbers as he looks at each page. He is a daddy's boy and adores Wade. I love to see them play and wrestle and to hear Wade sing songs to him. Jericho is always mesmerized when Wade is singing to him and begs for him to do it more. He loves to be chased and will squeal and scream and want you to do it more and more. I love to hang out with him every day and he makes me so incredibly happy. I love my baby boy more than anything and that love seems to grow each and every time I look at him. I am so incredibly blessed and lucky to have my happy, healthy little family.
We are having a birthday party tomorrow night for him. Just cake and ice cream with our family and some friends. My parents and my niece and nephew are even coming from Vernal to see him. I am so excited.


The Hone's said...

I remember it. He was the biggest baby in the nusery. Haha. He was so cute though. I remember seeing you and getting nervous that holy crap im next at doing this. LOL. I surely didnt think it would be me in 3 days. I can't believe how fast the time has gone. We'll see you guys tomorrow night. Happy Birthday Jericho.

M Occasionally B said...

Time goes too quickly! Happy 1st Jericho!

Kayla said...

Happy Birthday Jericho! I have loved reading your blog since before he was born until now. What a beautiful little baby you have. So stinking cute! And what an awesome mama he has!!