Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter and stuff

Aren't these pictures great? Wade has become quite the photographer and I love these pictures of Jericho!

We took him to the Payson City Easter Egg Hunt. It was FREEZING! But, Jericho seemed to enjoy it. He actually knew what to do and loved picking up the few eggs we were able to get too. (Lots of psychotic kids/parents attacking those eggs!)

Jericho is now 17 months old. He is such a joy to have and I don't know what Wade and I did before he came along! His Polar Bear "po-bo" is still his most favorite thing in the whole wide world. It has become his permanent fixture. We have to take him everywhere, or we have a meltdown. I have looked all over, searched the registered number on the tag and all over the internet with no success for a 2nd polar bear. I've ordered several Polar Bears who look similar, but of course, he is too smart and knows "the real polar bear". So, we have a collection of about 6 stuffed polar bears.

He loves to pretend talk, or should I say, yell on the phone. He wants everything he isn't supposed to have. Loves to open up the pantry door and get out dog treats for Puka and give them to her out the sliding door. Of course, he has to take a lick on his way. He likes to watch T.V which is totally my fault. With my work schedule we have always spent our mornings with momma in the lounge chair watching a movie (ok every season of Friends one gazillion times) since I have usually worked all night. He will sit on my lap with "po-bo" and his bottle and cuddle for quite a while. Then, he will get down and play for a bit, then it's back on momma's lap. I do enjoy our cuddle time. He is a sweet boy.

He is definitely independent. Wants to do everything himself, and thinks he should be able to do anything he wants. We have started with temper tantrums and I sure do not like them! He throws his head back and wails! I usually try to ignore it. Sometimes it's hard not to laugh. Kind of a drama queen. He has started to say more words, but still jabbers a lot. He says, po-bo (polar bear), poop, co-kie (cookie), dis (this), cock (walk - ha ha), peaz (please), jink (drink), ma-ma, da-da. And he can sign "more" and "please". It's rather adorable when he starts rubbing his tummy for "please".

We have a lot of fun with him and I sure do love him. He makes me very happy. So lucky to have my wonderful little family.

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