Friday, May 7, 2010

18 whole months!

(these pics are from our trip to Capitol Reef a few weeks ago. Great trip. Way too short though and I want to go back for a longer visit)

My handsome boy is 18 months old. It really is amazing how quickly time passes. I don't want my little boy to grow up so fast!

He is such a good boy, but oh so good at getting into mischief. He is so, so busy all day long and I can always hear him just huffing and puffing as he is playing "working".

Jericho loves to get into the garbage can, the pantry and to suck/chew on everything he can find. Stands on his tippy toes to open my kitchen drawers to get to the good stuff, aka; knives. Wants to be able to get into my cleaning supplies and suck on the nozzles. Comes running when I open the fridge. He wants to climb right inside, but usually settles for whatever he can grab as quickly as possible before mom shuts the door. Has started to become fascinated with doors - mostly shutting them and thus trapping himself inside a room, the bathroom, etc. This then causes some incredible distress and mom has to come save him. He is obsessed with our bathroom and wants to achieve the world record time of completely emptying all contents out of drawers and then continue to chew/suck on whatever looks most delicious. Usually hairspray, perfume, lotion, or soap. (I'm concerned about his obsession with "chemicals").

Jericho still adores his polar bear and won't go anywhere without him. We have to take him everywhere we go and everyone at Wal-mart recognizes him with his signature bear. Of course, polar bear doesn't look like a polar bear anymore. He is a very dingy, stinky sad looking little fella. I can't get him away long enough to throw him in the washer for a quick bath. So, you have to avert your nose if you get a chance to be that close to the poor thing.

He loves to be tickled and will grab your hands and put them on his tummy or neck to keep going if you stop. Fortunately for me, he is still a pretty good napper. I can usually count on a two hour nap from him daily, and this means, momma gets a nap too. He is still a great little cuddle bug and will grab his bear, suck on his thumb and come lay his head on my lap or come tug on me if he wants to snuggle. I adore it and I don't want him to ever stop.

Every single day I wake up more in love with him, and I don't know how that is possible. I am so lucky to have such a sweet little boy. If only, he would stay little :(

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