Monday, July 12, 2010

20 months

Jericho, July 2010

My baby is 20 months old (and a week or so). It is freaking me out how big he is getting. I love seeing all the new things he can do and the many, many words he can say, and yet, it makes me sad! I want him to always be my little baby boy!

He loves to go outside, ride in the bike trailer,play in the water,playing at the park, and most of all he loves to play with his toys and make messes!

He is a wonderful little sleeper (for the most part). He still goes to bed at 9 pm and will usually sleep in until 9 or 10 am. Then he will take a 3 hour nap every day! It is so great for this mom who works nights. It really has been the only we have survived!

Jericho is saying lots and lots of words. They are of course pronounced in baby speak - but he can say: thank you, please, truck, choo-choo, mama, daddy, puppy, kitty, cracker, cookie, outside, walk, drink, cup, grandpa, grandma, potty, pee-pee, poop, shirt, pants, shoes, mow, lawn, pretty, light, baby and lots of others I can't think of right now. Yesterday he was actually trying to put a sentence together. Wade was mowing the lawn and Jericho was trying to say, "mow the lawn". I was impressed.

He hates loud noises, such as: the lawnmower, weed eater, and the vacuum. He used to love all of these, but now has quite the fit when they turn on.

Jericho loves to be chased and tickled. It's a nightly ritual to be tickled by his daddy and wrestled with. Then he will bring you one book at a time and he wants you to read it to him and then it's off to bed with his famous "polar bear" and his cup. He calls polar bear "po-bo" still and says it very plainly. He has to have him everywhere we go.

He is still a great cuddler and will sit with me and watch a movie for quite a while. He will give "loves" and is such a sweet little boy. He does throw fits and is great at doing a really high pitched squeal, throwing his bear and then himself onto the ground. I guess it's to be expected of a little guy this age.

We have a little potty for him (thanks Broadbents) and are going to give potty training a try. He is still pretty young, but tells us every time he has to go pee or poop and is pretty interested in the bathroom ritual. I guess we will see how it goes.....

He got a haircut the other day and I'm pretty sure Wade is upset with me. He keeps saying how different he looks and he wants his long hair back. He has taken several pictures of Jericho since his haircut, but apparently has deleted them because I can't find any of them.... He looks so much older and he definitely looks different. His hair is super fine and super straight - it was getting a little to "wispy" for me :) Oh well, maybe Wade will forgive me someday.

We sure do love the little crazy man. He is definitely the light of our lives and keeps us very entertained. I don't know what we ever did without him.


The Hone's said...

I want to see his new "do". I bet it is super cute. Its crazy how much our little guys are learning these days. I always say this but you should call me so we can take the boys playing together.

My Life Changing Journey said...

Brynn, it was so good to see you today, and your little guy is getting so big. What cute mom you are, you so know what matters most.

Thanks for the nice things you said on my blog.... You already like me kind and caring.

Wade The Rascal said...

I'm not worried. His hair is already growing back. Just look how handsome he is in this picture.