Thursday, July 14, 2011

Goodbye Marie

Wade's mom passed away on Tuesday. It was unexpected and has caused a lot of heartbreak and sadness. She was a wonderful person. A kind and loving mother, wife, and friend. She loved cats and diet coke.:) I was able to spend some time with her in Alaska when she came up to visit Wade and I. We hadn't been married very long and I was a little nervous, but we had a great time. We went shopping, ate a lot of food, and had some great talks on the train. I'm so grateful I was able to have that experience and time with her.
Wade has made the most beautiful video tribute to his mom. He has poured his heart and soul into it. I am so proud of him. He loved his mom dearly and was a great son and friend to him. All he wanted was for her to have a relationship with Jericho and to be happy again.
I hope that she is happy now and free from pain and sadness. I hope that she is surrounded by her loving family and enjoying seeing them again.
Craig, Jennifer, Wade, Matt, and Chelsey; I love you guys and am grateful to have such a special family. I am here for whatever you need, anytime you need. Marie loved you all dearly.

Never let an opportunity go by to tell your loved ones how you feel. We all need to remember that things happen quickly and we don't know how long we have on this earth. I love all of my family dearly. I am grateful to them for their love and support. I am also grateful for wonderful friends and coworkers. I always know they are there to help and that they would do anything for me in a second. I am grateful to my loving and generous Wade and my handsome little devil, Jericho. They are my world and I can't express how much they mean to me.

So, until we meet again Marie, God bless and I hope you know how much I loved and appreciated you!