Thursday, October 27, 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! I have very limited internet access right now and it's driving me CRAZY!! I can't believe how attached I've become to the stupid world wide web. But...I feel so lost without it.
I will have Wade put some pictures on here tomorrow while he has access. I hate posting without pictures. It feels pretty pointless (not that anyone reads this....mostly for me). can I talk about my adorable Jericho and not have pictures??

I had the hardest time finding Jericho a costume. I looked everywhere (ok....not everywhere, but a lot of places) and was unsuccessful in finding Jericho a pumpkin costume. If I actually found was the wrong size. Heaven forbid I try to actually attempt making a costume. So, after some deliberation/frustration I decided on an Elmo costume. Jericho has been enjoying watching some Sesame Street and he does like Elmo. I did his birthday invites as Elmo and his birthday party (only one more week) is Sesame Street themed. Well, it turns out it was a good choice. Jericho has had to wear his Elmo costume every day. We have made many trips to Wal-Mart, the Dollar Store, post office, and Payson Market in his Elmo costume. He loves it. Plus its a great pillow when he gets sleepy riding in the cart :) I wonder if people will still think he is cute when it's Christmas and he is still wearing his Elmo costume....

I swear I am not just being biased, but Jericho is a genius! Jericho and Wade are still doing "homework" before bed on the dry erase board. The other night Wade sent me a text while I was at work and told me how smart Jericho is because he had just learned some new shapes very quickly. The next morning as I was getting Jericho dressed he pointed at his pictures and said "ocagon"! What an adorable smartie pants! He remembered circle, square, triangle, octagon and a heart perfectly. I was beaming with pride. He still loves to count to 12. We are working on getting to 20, but for some reason 12 is his stopping point!

I hope everyone has a superific Halloween. Be safe and eat LOTS of candy :)

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Shawna said...

I would just think you were bragging if I hadnt seen it for myself. he really does know his numbers and IS a smarty pants. Wade can try and take all the credit BUT we all clearly know the brains and looks come from you Beautiful Brynn