Wednesday, October 5, 2011


In just one little boy will be 3 years old! I do not know how that happened! I really love seeing him grow and learn....but I just want him to stay my baby forever!

Jericho loves everything. He is so happy and silly. He can throw some mean fits and be a pretty good pill if he wants to. But...I have to admit that I am pretty lucky to have such a sweet boy. He still loves to cuddle his momma. He gives the best kisses and hugs. Jericho loves all things Woody, Buzz, Lighting McQueen, Thomas the Train, and his latest....Lilo and stitch. He can talk pretty well...knows lots of words and can speak in sentences. But...most of the time I think he gets frustrated and wants to talk a lot faster, so he still does a ton of jibberish talk. If he hears any noise in our house he says "whats that?...Daddy??!!" He loves his daddy. Mostly he loves to wrestle and play "get u" with his dadddy. If you will tickle him....Jericho will be your best friend.
Wade has started doing "homework" with Jericho every night. They get out the dry erase board and do counting, numbers, and pictures. Jericho loves it and count to 12 really well! He is also getting better at his colors.
Since it is October...and everything Halloween is out....Jericho loves "punkins". In fact...I think that is what he will be for Halloween this year. So, now I am on the lookout for a good pumpkin costume :)

Life, in general is as busy and crazy as ever. I always think it will slow down...but i don't think it's going to. Wade is doing great in school. He is still working and is teaching a photography class at our apartment once a week for a month. He has done a ton of wonderful family portrait sessions and even did a maternity shoot this last weekend. I am so proud of him. He excells at EVERYTHING he does. Such a superific guy. I feel very blessed and lucky to have him. He does an excellent job at putting up with me.
Work for me is still busy. There are always sick/injured/crazy/drunk/people. Great job security for me...not so good for all of you folks out there in the world.
I ran the Red Rock Relay in September. It was awesome and so incredibly hard! I got asked last minute by a co-worker and I'm so glad I did it. I was pretty proud of my chubby self for accomplishing that....and I just might keep training to keep doing more races. We'll see.

I started some blood pressure medication yesterday. All I wanted was my yearly "girlie" exam (isn't that bad enough??!!) But I left with a couple of new meds, changed from oral birth control to depo, orders for a kidney ultrasound and an echocardiogram. Just a little more than I was expecting or ever wanted.
Apparently, turning 31 this year has sent me on a steady downhill slope. AWESOME! Oh well, gotta keep life exciting I guess, right? :)
Scrapbooking and doing some projects for the ER are also keeping me busy. And...I've tried strawberry freezer jam for the first time ever. I got two batches done and it turned out pretty good. Proud of myself. I am completely void of the homemaking gene.

I will post some pictures soon. Blogs aren't very exciting without pictures.
Have a happy day :)

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The Adcocks said...

Welcome to your 30's!! That depo I have decided to longingly call "Devil Provera" I hope it works better for you than it did me! Jericho is almost 3? Incredible, and such a handsome fella. I love reading your blog. Some may call it blog stalking, I just call it staying informed. LOve you man!