Monday, July 16, 2012

summer updates :) you can see by this picture, potty training is going well :)  Jericho likes to take a peek to see exactly what's going on down in that potty.  Such a funny kid.  He actually does really good most of the time.  Just an accident here and there and of course he isn't dry through the night.  We are getting there though.

He will be starting pre-school in September.  I'm a little (ok a LOT) freaked out about the whole thing.  I am completely wigged out that my baby is old enough to be going to pre-school.  It just doesn't seem possible.  I know it will be good for him to be around other kids, to learn to sit for periods of time, to listen....etc.  It's just a little much for this momma to take :(

Because of potty training, Jericho is famous for being naked 99.9% of the time.  It's become pretty normal at our house to have people over and there is it's no big deal.  And of course he is completely fascinated with his boy parts.  Shhsh.  Boys.  I have sooo many pictures, adorable pictures of Jericho and his nakedness...but alas cannot post them for public viewing :)  Just know...he is cute and he has his dad's bum:)

Jericho loves to be outside, loves playing in water and mostly giving his mom a run for her money.  He has learned how to get outside by himself and has used this to his advantage when mom is sleepy - and as a result he get into "time out" quite often.  He loves Thomas the Train, Buzz and Woody, Jake and the Neverland Pirattes, Muppet Treasure Island, batman, many things.  He is definately obsessed with trains and pirates right now.  I was at the mall today with my sister and we were in a toy store and there was a rollercoaster set up and Jericho totally enthralled. He was squealing, jumping, and yelling...he loved it.  So, when I said we had to go...He threw a classic temper tantrum.  Threw himself on the ground face down, screaming bloody murder and kicking his arms and legs.  Awesome.  Oh, the glories of being a parent are fantastic sometimes :)

Wade is working on finishing the basement of his dad's house.  We finished a kitchen and are now working on the bathroom.  Quite a process, but it is coming along nicely.  Wade is doing awesome in school.  He is on a little hiatus right now, but will be back to the grind in August.

I ran the Hobbler half marathon last saturday.  It was great - and super hard.  Glad I did it.  Now, I need to train some more for the Disneyland Half marathon on Sept 2.  My parents, Jericho and I will be going to Disneyland for a whole week and I will be doing the race that Sunday morning.  So excited!  Can't wait to go to my favorite place in the whole wide world!! :) As for now I'm working a lot - it's kicking my bum - and just taking care of my boys.  Life is good.

That's all the updates for now on the Wade and Brynn Haskell bunch :)

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Wade The Rascal said...

I love you...and your sweet half-marathon-running ass!