Monday, December 17, 2012

Stuff we have been up to!

Me and Parky at City Creek - cannot get it to go right side up - so just turn your head upside down to see it correctly!

Jericho at Build A Bear!

Wade getting his nares waxed!!

Wade in is awesome ugly sweater and cop stache

My handsome Jericho! So excited about his tree!

I haven't posted for a long time!  Too long!  I need to be so much better about documenting our lives!
Jericho started Preschool just after we got home from Disneyland.  He loves it!  His teachers are awesome and they do so many great things with him.  He has been on two field trips already.  One to the apple orchards and one to the fire station.  They are always doing so many fun projects and crafts.  It's adorable to hear him talk about what he has learned!
Jericho was Batman for Halloween.  He is so in love with the superheros right now.  He is obsessed with batman and has to wear his batman costume almost every day.  If I can talk him out of putting it on so I can wash it, he will wear his batman pj's or his superman pj's.  He is very entertaining and makes me laugh all day long.
We were able to spend some time with Nik and Parker in Salt Lake around Thanksgiving.  We went shopping at City Creek, went to dinner with our cousins and I even got a whole night in the hotel with the girls without the stink bug!  It was awesome!  Aunt Nikki spoiled Jericho as usual and bought him a buzz lightyear bunny at build-a-bear!  He calls it "buzz bunny lightyear".
I had a girls party at my house and we did facial waxing and I sold some avon.  Wade participated by getting his nose waxed!  It really doesn't hurt and it feels pretty great afterwards! :) 
We had our Haskell Christmas Party where we wear our ugly sweaters and build gingerbread houses.  Everyone had a good time.  I cooked turkey and stuffing and we had lots of treats.  You can see by Wade's picture that he got into his outfit pretty good. 
Here's some Jerichoisms:

*Fusnache: Mustache
*Penguin: grandpa haskell
*catwoman: Grandma Sandra
*Joker: me or daddy wade
*robin: me or daddy wade
(everyone is a character at all times....)
*He is scared of Santa due to his constant watching of "A Christmas Story"....
*He says, "Probly been to a thousand malls"...every time he
puts on his batman costume in reference to Tim Allan saying this as he
puts on the santa outfit on "The Santa Clause".
*He has to look in the mirror constantly to check out
his costume attire
*He loves his sippy cup and po-po bear still and has to have them every
where we go!
"Oh my gosh batman!"  He says this constantly.  It took me
a while to get the "gosh".  It was GOD for a while.  Now, he looks at me every time
and says "gosh" with a lot of emphasis and then says, "I said GOSH mom!"

I'll post more pics of Jericho's bday party and fun things next.  I can't believe how much stuff I've missed on documenting!

We have been busy wrapping presents and decorating for Christmas.  Jericho is soooo excited and of course wants everything "batman"!  We get to go to Vernal to see my family for Christmas and I am so excited!


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