Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Office

We love "The Office" and Wade has bought season two on DVD. So.... instead of doing something productive and all, here I sit on my bed playing on the computer with Frank, watching "The Office". Ok, so I did do the laundry (speaking of, still some in the dryer - oops!) and clean the bathrooms, so maybe I can consider that an accomplishment? I haven't slept since yesterday before I worked all night, so maybe I'm just a little delirious? Yeah, that's probably it. But this show is super funny, even more so when you haven't slept in a while!
I did find these fun pictures of The Lemon Family Annual (sometimes) trip to Disneyland last year! Thought you'd like to see them.
Well, my eyes are going cross-eyed so maybe I'll just close my eyeballs for a minute! :)


Amy said...

Cute changes!! Love the sidebar full of pics. Is Wade really called The Rascal? Lol, that's great.

I haven't really given The Office a chance - I'll have to try it out one of these days. As far as comedies, Trav and I watch, like, three Scrubs a night. Lol. It's played on several different channels. Oh yes, we're couch potatoes.

I love reading your blog - have a great week!

Amy said...

Hey again!

In response to your question on my blog:

You are so sweet! I think that we're needing just about everything right now for jr. Lol, except for blankets - he's fixed for life in that department. I don't know, if you see any cute clothes that would be awesome. You have such good taste, anyway. :)

And speaking of The Office, today my brother (Ryan) told me that I need to watch it because it's my kind of humor...I hope that's a good thing. :) Love ya!

Anonymous said...

OMG Your bloggie is SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!! Ooooh!!!!!

Anonymous said...

THE OFFICE ROCKS! It is almost painful to watch-love, nik