Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wood Floor!

Wade has finished our wood floor in the kitchen! It looks awesome! It took him a couple of days to do because it's real wood and he had to nail each little piece in, but it looks so great! Now he is doing door casings and trim. He also put some beed board around our counter/bar and it looks great. I'll have to post some pics soon. Now, we will be painting our kitchen cabinets, we cant afford new, so it's just sprucing up the old for now! I LOVE that Wade is a finish carpenter and can do so many awesome projects for our house. He loves doing it and is always happy to do it and just wants me to be happy - it's fantastic!

I am sooooo excited for Easter! I get to go to Vernal (unfortunately, by myself since Wade will still be working on our kitchen!) and see my fam. Plus, it means we are getting closer to warmer weather!!! I love spring and I am so excited for it. In fact, I have bought some peony bulbs and I need to get them in the ground! I am going to have to become a green thumb soon with our yard and I hope I can get the hang of it! I don't know why it is such a struggle for me, when my parents are pros!


Ivylmnm said...


Doesn't it feel good to get new stuff in the house! Our offer was accepted on a house over in Cottonwood Heights! It's an 80's house but remodeled and 5 bedrooms! Yippie! It's in a cul-de-sac and it has a smaller yard but I am looking forward to a little less yardwork...our old house kind of got neglected outside as we worked on the inside. I always wished we could get it as cute as I wanted it to be but, hey, the market out here went crazy and we sold it. We were going to build but with Mitch in school and his Mom sick, it just wasn't going to happen easily.

Anonymous said...

Brynnie- I wish i could come and see your house! (Ivie! What are you doing -buying a house with a different agent? Just kidding , I know what house you bought and it is cute! Congrats! ) Brynn- i can't wait to see you!Love-Nikki

Amy said...

Psh! Tell me about it - I can't grow anything either! Bulbs are usually a safe bet, but I don't have a green thumb at all. :) Get some pics of your wood floor, sister! I can't wait to see it.