Thursday, May 8, 2008


So I talked a bunch of people who work at the Urgent Care into doing the Race for the Cure this saturday at the Gateway. There will be 12 of us and I'm excited. It's a pretty fun event and is a great cause to support. My mom is even coming out and walking as a survivor so that will be awesome. I had initially planned on running, but now that I'm pregnant I can't run as far. I actually feel great running, I just have to have little potty breaks pretty frequently, so it's annoying. At the gym I can get on the treadmill and only get a lap in before I have to run to the bathroom, then it's back on the treadmill for another lap then another potty break. I'm sure people at the gym are wondering what in the world my problem is! But I will be 14 weeks on Sunday, so we are moving right along. I cheated and listened to the heartbeat at work the other night! That's the great thing about being a nurse, we can be cheaters! We just have a little doppler in the ER and so when we got rid of all the patients I took it and gooped up my tummy and tried it out! Worked like a charm! It's so great to hear that little heart beat! It's pretty amazing!


Anonymous said...

hey Brynn! I love you, I can't wait to see your tummy and RUB it a lot!!!! I know you like that....nik

Amy said...

I am SO excited for you Brynnie!