Thursday, May 29, 2008

Summer time

Yeah! I'm so glad it's FINALLY warming up here! I've been working on the yard a little bit and it's coming along. Slowly, but surely. I need to post pictures of the Race for the Cure on here. It was so fun and we had a great time! 17,000 crazy people walking/running in downtown Salt Lake City! My mom came out the night before and we went and had a pedicure for a Mother's Day treat. Then we got up bright and early and drove to Salt Lake the next morning. After the race, we went to Gardner Village and did a little shopping and ate some yummy lunch. I'm glad my mom was able to come and I think she had a fun time.
I will be having my twenty week ultrasound on June 18th with Perinatology. I'm so excited, but am dying to know what we are having! I could find out now, but my dr really wanted the ultrasound during my twentieth week since it's done by perinatology. I guess they can look at the anatomy a little better just to make sure there aren't any problems. The other day at work, the ultrasound tech volunteered to just take a quick peek for me, but I felt bad cuz Wade couldn't be there, so I said we would wait. It's so hard though!

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Amy said...

It's a boy.


I hope, for the both of us, June 18 comes quickly!