Monday, June 30, 2008

Can you say "HOT"?!

So, I have a lot of pictures I need to post now, but my darling Wade has the camera with him at this moment! Hopefully soon I'll actually get them posted! We had the Relay for Life last weekend and it was a great time. An incredibly LONG night, but a great time. I am always grateful to Wade's sisters and my family for all of their support. They are always the only ones who stay ALL NIGHT LONG! And my parents practically bring their whole garage to help set up our camp site at the park! So, it was fun, but I am glad it's over for this year! :)
I bought a bassinet for.....$20! Yes, you read right, $20! I am so impressed with myself! I found it on KSL classifieds (of course). It's an older one, but it' in awesome condition and so cute! So, slowly, but surely we are getting all of our supplies for the little man!
I also went to Las Vegas this past week for a Certified Emergency Nurses test prep course! Holy guacamole! I've got a lot of studying to do! Four other gals from work and my mom even went down and it was a great time. So stinking hot, but we were luckily inside most of the time. Vegas is always a culture shock for me. And coming from a fairly seasoned ER nurse who has seen/heard/observed pretty much every offensive/obscene/gruesome thing the human race can endure/participate in, it's saying a lot! :) I love to see the casinos and how pretty they are and the shopping is fun and all and of course you gotta love the buffets!!! But all those psycho pimps can drive a person crazy!
The baby is quite the little wiggle worm and I LOVE IT!!! I get all freaked out if I don't feel him for a while. As I sit here, he is going crazy. If I stop and try to look at my tummy, he stops though. He is already teasing me, so I'm sure he'll be a ham! Much like his dad! (ok and me too).
Wow, this is kinda long. Sorry guys. But there's one more little event. Wade bought a natural gas van today! He is so excited! And I am excited about the money we will save on gas! It's a pretty sweet van in that it is a lovely baby powder blue color - AWESOME! Ha, ha! It's great for Wade's job though. He commutes pretty much all over Utah Valley and has even been up to Morgan a lot the past few months so it really is a great investment for us. So, I'll post pictures of it too!!!
Ok. Im done.

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sarah said...

Natural Gas! How do I get me one of those?:) Sounds like your baby is going to be an active one so that will be super exciting. Good luck keeping up!