Friday, June 13, 2008

We are having a BOY!!!

Here is our little man's first photos! He did a great job of showing us his "parts" and his cute little face! He was super wigggly though and put his little hands in front of his face a lot! We are so excited and now we are thinking of names!
P.S. Excuse my scanning! It was a new experience for me:)


Anonymous said...

What GREAT news! Now to BB names...lots to choose from. You look great Brynn. Summer is slowly arriving in Alaska, can't believe it's mid-June already. Keep the updates coming, love your Blog.
Love, Marianne

Mandy said...

I am so glad you found me! Your blog is so cute!!!!

How are things?

Your baby is beautiful by the way! Are you so excited???

congrats, and thanks for the comment!

Iverson Family est. 2006 said...

OH my goodness congrats!! I cant believe noone called me, I have been waiting. Boys are so much fun, and I think easier. ;)

Anonymous said...

Brynny-little fella is so cute! Love-sis

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tede said...
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