Sunday, October 5, 2008

Beautiful Fall

Wade took me for a ride up the canyon today and he took some pretty awesome pictures. He is quite the photographer and loves to play with the pictures on our computer. I wish I had the same talent. As it gets closer to us becoming parents I have to admit that I am scared to death. It is incredibly overwhelming to think of the responsibility that we will have and I feel like I have no idea what I am doing. At the same time it is exciting to think about meeting our precious little man and I am even more excited to see him with Wade. It's going to be amazing. Wade is going to be such a wonderful dad and I am anxious to see him and his baby boy together. Just thinking about it gets me emotional. Today while riding up the canyon and looking at the beautiful scenery I started thinking about how Jericho is probably being prepared for us by my cousin Dave, grandma and grandpa Powell, grandma and grandpa Batty and grandma and grandpa Lemon, plus many other special family members. I'm sure they are all giving him so much love and encouragement as he is preparing to come to us here on Earth. I hope that I can be worthy of such a precious soul. My Heavenly Father is entrusting us with one of his children and I want to be the kind of mother he would be proud of. Wow. If I wasn't overwhelmed before, I am now. Plus the tears are flowing. Oh jeez, I gotta take a break. :)


Jen said...

You are so beautiful! I am so excited for you, I can hardly stand it! Maybe I can come see little Jericho in November while I'm up there. You and Wade will be wonderful parents. The canyon looks beautiful. I love Utah in the fall. love ya chica

Brynn said...

Oh, your so sweet! I hope that we'll be able to see you when you come! It would be great to meet that little Gavin!