Sunday, November 2, 2008

I love the rain!

Nikki, Zach, Infamous dummy man, and Parker

I had to post this picture of my sister, nephew Zach, and niece Parker on Halloween at my mom and dad's house. My niece is only 12, doesn't she look like she's 16?! It's freaking me out!
Wade and I were a little sad about our Halloween turnout of trick-or-treaters. Being so close to Wal-mart we are always thinking that there will be lots of kids. Not true. That darned trunk-or-treat has ruined Halloween! Ok. So maybe it's easier on mom and dad and it's probably safer. I just miss seeing the kids going house to house. We did have Wade's niece and nephew come and then my friend Noelle brought her kids and her sister and brother and their kids so that helped increase our numbers! And a few other co-workers brought their kids and that was all! Wade was even calling bribing people to come and take our candy! Kind of pitiful!

We are still waiting for our little man of course. I thought the rain might bring him out, but nothing so far. I will see the doctor tomorrow and if there is no change this week, I'll be induced on friday the 7th. Yippee. I guess by next Saturday we will have our baby boy here! I'm so excited to meet him!

P.S. Wade's patch job on our roof seems to be golden! No leaking with all this rain today! Yeah!!!

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