Saturday, November 8, 2008


We were able to finally bring our perfect little baby home yesterday! My blood levels had been low in the hospital and it required us to stay and have it checked many times. It is still low but not dropping so they said I could go home & just have another level done on monday! As you can see our baby boy is as adorable as can be! We cant keep our eyes or hands off of him! His dad is over the moon and couldn't be more proud! Wade insists on changing every diaper! (amazing man - I AM SO LUCKY!) And he gave him his bath last night and was a pro! I am doing good just super tired. But I couldn't be more happy or content! I love being a mom - it is the best feeling in the world! Watching Wade with Jericho is so awesome! It always gets me choked up and I am overwhelmed with love. I have been blessed with such a perfect little family and I am so grateful. I am so lucky to have Wade. He is the perfect daddy and couldn't be happier to have his baby boy here. He has totally taken care of me and loves to be involved in everything Jericho is doing. My mom has completely saved us! She has cleaned, cooked and done laundry non stop. She has even helped with some much needed decorating! We are so incredibly grateful to have her here helping us and it makes everything so easy! I'm sure we will have some serious separation anxiety when she has to leave!
Thanks again to everyone for their calls, well wishes and gifts! We are so incredibly lucky to have such wonderful friends and family!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh Man! I love the pictures!! He is so cute! Congrats to you guys! We love you!-sis

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oc&bigVL said...

YES! That is so exciting. I'm so sorry we didn't get to do lunch before you had the baby but we will get together soon once you have rested. He is a doll. He looks so aware of everything. Congrats!