Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines to everyone! Just wanted to let everyone know that Jericho is doing a little better. Thursday morning I was worried he was getting worse and took him into the pediatritian. Basically he told me that I was a paranoid/first time mom. Phooey. Anyway, I'm grateful that we can see some improvement, although the poor fella still has quite the cough. Through it all he has been quite a trooper and is still giving us lots of great smiles and talking a lot with his little sad, hoarse voice.
Also, Wade fought in his last fight last night. It was so hard, because I had to decide whether to stay with the baby or go watch Wade fight and leave Jericho with a babysitter. My good friend Noelle and her daughter Elle volunteered happily and were all set, but I decided I'd better stay home since Jericho hadn't improved a ton. Our good friend Shawna also volunteered to babysit so I could go watch, and it was so sweet and thoughtful of her, but for some reason I couldn't stand the thought of leaving him. I was a nervous wreck waiting to hear from Wade though and had his sister text me as soon as the fight was over. He unfortunately lost in the first round and got a good punch to the right eye that left him with a pretty good cut in his eyebrow right as the first round ended. Because he was bleeding so badly, the ref stopped the fight and Wade was ok with that. He says this was his last fight and it had better be! I can't take the stress and worry! I was very glad to see him when he walked in the door at 130 am and to see that he really was in one piece and that all he needed was some stitches. Gratefully my nurse connections helped us out and we have to thank Dr. Bair for stitching Wade up so beautifully! As I left for work this morning Wade has a good size gooseegg over his eye and looks a little miserable. Hopefully little Jericho will behave so they can both get a nap in :)
P.S. Jericho weighs 15 lbs 13 oz!!

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Kayla said...

I'm glad Jericho is starting to feel better. Poor little guy. I hope he keps hangin in there!