Wednesday, February 25, 2009

It's Thursday!

We have had a lot going on and I haven't had any time to blog about it! So, this might be a long one - SORRY!
Jericho was blessed on Sunday the 22nd. It was a great day and we were very grateful to all of the many family and friends who traveled to share it with us. My dad gave him his blessing and he did a wonderful job. Jericho cried the whole time, but my dad kept going as if nothing was wrong and gave him a beautiful blessing. About 15 men were standing in the circle and so we know Jericho was very well loved and we were very grateful. We had a little lunch at our tiny little house afterwards and although it was crowded, everyone seemed to have a good time. So, thanks to everyone for coming and showing us your love and support. It was a special day!
That night, Wade and I went to a Celine Dion concert! Yee-haw! Now, neither of us are big (or even at all) fans of hers, but Wade's dad had bought tickets that were very pricey and they were going to go waste because he wasn't able to go. So, after he had tried to find anyone willing to go, Wade and I decided it would at least be a good excuse for a date night. Since Jericho was born, this was our 2nd time out without him. The tickets were great - 2nd row back at stage level. I could have touched her! And, of course we didn't take our camera because we are good/law/rule abiding citizens! On the tickets it said that no cameras or video recorders would be allowed so we left ours in the car, and what do you know - everyone had their cameras! We were bummed just because our seats were so good that we could have gotten some pretty awesome pictures. We did end up leaving a little early to get home to our baby boy. Wade's sister and bro-in-law, Jennifer and Chet, babysat for us and we were very grateful. They are wonderful babysitters and Jericho loves to go over to their house. Whitley, his cousin, loves to read to him and he thoroughly enjoys it.
The day before his blessing my family came out to stay the night at the good ol' Comfort Inn here in Payson. I met my sister, my mom, and my niece and nephew in Orem and we drove to Salt Lake to go eat at the Mayan. It was super fun and it was Jericho's first visit there. He seemed to really enjoy it :) Then they all came over to our house and helped set up for the blessing. After that it was back to the hotel to swim. My dad is such a good sport and loves to swim with Park and Zach. I think they wore him out though, cuz he kept telling them to ask their mom if it was time to go back to the room!
Wade is taking a photography work shop from our good friend Jami and he is really enjoying it. We are going to get him a nice camera with our tax refund (yeah!) and he is super excited. I will be posting lots of pictures when I can find my cord for the camera to download pictures. I've been searching for it everywhere with no luck. It's probably right in front of my face!


Wade The Rascal said...

Good entry hun. You're more thoughtful to blog about the blessing and all of our very wonderful friends and family. And I haven't actually looked for it yet, but I also hope the cord is right in front of our faces. Love you. You're absolutely amazing.

P.S. Can't wait to take those sexy pictures I've been dying to take of you with my new camera. Wink, wink! Haha!

The Hone's said...

Jericho's blessing was good and I cant believe how well your dad just kept going even though he was crying. He didnt sound an ounce nervous. I loved it.
I cant wait for Wade to get a camera then he can take pictures of Haize too. (hint hint :) Well you will need lots of practice.