Thursday, February 26, 2009


This is an attempt to recruite, ok, beg my dear friends to be on my Relay for Life team this year! It will be on June 12, 13th this year! My team, Got Hope?, has participated in the South Utah County Relay the past two years. This will be our third year and I'm excited. For those who haven't heard of or been involved with the Relay it is an all night event to raise money for the American Cancer Society that will take place at Payson City park . Each team is responsible for having at least one of their team members on the walking track at all times throughout the night. There will be a pot luck dinner, lots of games and activities as well as many motivational programs taking place all night long! It is a great time and a wonderful way to raise money for the American Cancer Society! The theme this year is "Back to the Future" and so everything will be rockin the 80's theme! All ages are encouraged to attend and participate and the kids/teenagers really have a great time since they get to stay up and play ALL NIGHT LONG!
If you or anyone you know would be interested, PLEASE let me know! I am looking to recruit lots of people so we can have a great team this year!
Thanks everyone! I appreciate it!

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