Thursday, March 5, 2009

4 months!

Ok, so I know that these posts without pictures are insanely boring. I sincerely apologize! The camera cord is of course still MIA. Dang it.

Jericho had his 4 month check up today. Weighs in at 16 lbs 8.5 oz and is 25 1/2 inches long! So that puts him in the 80th percentile for weight and 75th percentile for height. He is right on track. I got all choked up when they gave him his shots and tried not to cry. It's so awful to watch him be so sad and to have him look at me like, "Momma, save me!" It breaks my heart! There is also more happy news.... He is sleeping through the night!!! Holy cow, I never thought it would happen. He has been doing it quite often for Wade, but for some reason when mom is home, he wakes up once or twice a night. But two nights in a row he slept all night long while I was here! Once for 9 hours and another time for 11 hours! Wow! Of course the first time he did it, I was up every hour making sure he was ok and still breathing. It was a shock that he was staying asleep! Last night he did wake up once, but he quickly went back to sleep, so it was all good. I'm just grateful that it looks like we are headed toward much more sleep for mom! Yippee!! Now if only I could get him to sleep all day after I work a night shift! Ha, ha, just kidding.

I just have to thank my wonderful husband for all of his great help with Jericho and his patience. I know it is hard to be all alone with him all night long while I am at work and he has done a marvelous job. Because of it, he and Jericho are bestest buddies and Jericho's face lights up whenever he sees his daddy. Thanks honey and I love you so very much!

Also I need to just give a quick shout out to my brother, Trav, his wife Amy and their adorable baby boy Jeremy. They are finally on their way to being a family and Jeremy's adoption being finalized! We are so happy for them!


Burg Family said...

Isn't it just the greatest when they start sleeping through the night? I remember the first time Koya slept through the night, I woke up that morning, jumped out of bed and ran in there. My heart was pounding, I kept asking Aaron, did we not hear her! Then of course I was excited that she was sleeping through the night and didn't need to worry.

The Hone's said...

I cant believe that our babies are already 4 months old. Doesn't it seem like we just had them last week? Geez how the time flies. Its fun to see them grow but holy cow its too fast.

April said...

Wow Maysen only weighed 15lbs 15 oz today! I hate taking kids for shots, it always makes me feel like the worst parent ever. They're always smiling and being sweet with no idea whats coming. So sad! I'm so glad he's sleeping for you now, thats such a great day.

Brian and Melissa said...

that's huge that he's sleeping so great for you! I can't wait till Cody does that. were making progress though. his spans he is alseep are getting longer and longer! Yay!