Monday, March 9, 2009


Yeah! I actually have a picture to post! It's from Wade's new fancy camera. We are still looking for a cord for the other camera. Oh, the drama.

Anyway, this is of course me and my little man. It was taken today as we were getting ready to leave for a funeral. Jericho was a little stink bug at the funeral. He fell asleep before I could get him bathed this morning and so we had to wake him up to bathe him and get him dressed and that just messed up his whole day. I guess it's good he has his schedule. Just don't mess with it man!


Kayla said...

What an adorable picture. He is such a cutie pie! And how exciting that he's sleeping through the night. That must be so nice for you. He really is so darling! :D

Anonymous said...

he has grown so much....what a cute picture!

Mike & Michelle said...

Beautiful! We need to get our boys together soon! Miss ya!