Monday, August 10, 2009

9 months and counting...

Jericho with Dylan

Isn't he all cute sitting on the stairs?

So happy and excited

Mr. Speed Crawler!

So, my handsome little man is 9 months old (and 6 days) He is so much fun and so full of energy! I can't believe how busy and crazy he is. His little body never stops moving. I spend all day chasing him, grabbing him quickly from getting to things he shouldn't, saving him from crashing or falling, and just playing with him. He is getting his first tooth finally. It's started to poke through on the bottom and it hasn't seemed to bother him at all. He loves to sit in his high chair and eat his "treats" (yogurt bites and the puffy cereal stuff). He will sit in there and just squeal and babble as loud as he can. I can't believe how much he has grown and changed and how much he learns every single day. He is so much fun and I love going into his room in the morning to be greeted by his smiling face as he is kneeling in his crib waiting for me to come! I love to kiss and snuggle him even though he now pushes me away. I have been feeling a little down lately and so I decided I needed to do something for someone else. So, Jericho and I took some flowers to see Dylan. It was starting to rain, so we couldn't stay long, but it was good to see the other things people had left and I thought I'd better take a picture of Jericho with Dylan's flowers:)

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Jen said...

What a CUTIE!! I love the cheeks. I totally understand chasing them around all day, it just gets worse when they walk!