Monday, August 17, 2009

August fun

He loves to swing!

Handsome man

Haize and Jericho playin' in the pool

Whew! Summer has flown by! I can't believe how fast time seems to go. Jericho is as crazy busy as ever. I am amazed at how much energy he has and how fast he can go. Always moving, never stopping. I seriously wish I could harness some of his energy for myself. His craziness has gotten him several injuries. The worst being a burn to his arm and leg when he pulled on my curling iron cord and it fell on him. Oh, it was awful. I bawled longer and harder than he did. It broke my heart. He is so tough though. He hasn't acted as if it has bothered him at all. Even with me scrubbing it and putting dressings on it twice a day he hasn't cared at all. He leaves the dressings alone and just sits and watches me clean it. He is always bonking his head or pulling things down on himself. I pretty much spend all day just chasing him. But he is so happy and so much fun. Such a good boy and I am so grateful for him!

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Brian and Melissa said...

What a cute cute boy! So sad about his arm but at least he has a nurse for a mommy!