Monday, October 4, 2010

Picture mania!

This is what my kitchen floor looked like this morning after Jericho got into the pantry with the help of some of his toys and did some organizing.

This past Sunday we took Jericho to the aquarium in Sandy. He liked it - all except for the jelly fish. Apparently he has watched "Nemo" too many times...

He LOVES to sit in the recliner and watch his movies. He has to have Polar Bear, his sippy cup and some treats. Oh, and his thumb...

This picture was turned the right way at one point. Isn't he cute?

He really wanted to kiss the goat at the State Fair. He loved all the animals and would tell us the sounds they made.

Jericho adores his daddy. Always following him and doing what he is doing. Loves to wear dad's hats and his sunglasses "sasses"

Jericho and his cousin Haize having some breakfast and watching a movie. Aren't they handsome?

Lots of pictures, and no time to post them all. This is just a very small sampling of the things we have been up to. Jericho is as busy as ever. So sweet and smart. And we can tell that he is going to be "two" soon. He is definitely having more little temper tantrums. He is my little momma's boy still and loves to cuddle, loves his polar bear and his sippy cups and his thumb. He sure does adore his daddy though and I'm glad that they have such a good time together when I am away at work so much. He loves to take apart things and reorganize them. Every drawer or cupboard he can get into doesn't stand a chance. He is still learning lots of words and loves to talk, and it is still a lot of jibberish. He is so much fun and is always keeping me super busy. I love his smiles and his laugh. And in just a few weeks he will be two years old. I can hardly believe it!

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The Hone's said...

Holy cow! Our little boys are growing up way too fast. Slow down!