Wednesday, April 27, 2011

5 years?! Yep we did it!

This friday Wade and I will celebrate our 5 year anniversary! Yippee for us huh? As Wade said "it's a record for both of us hun!" And yes, he is right!

It's been a crazy 6 years total being together for us!

January 15th 2005 - met on a blind date!

16 months of dating.....I thought he would never ask!

Engaged on February 8th, 2006 at Timpanogos Hospital ER!....It was awesome!

Married in Vernal, Utah on April 29th, 2006!

4 days of travel from Utah to Anchorage, Alaska where we spent May 2006 - Sept 2006

Sept 2006-June 2007 we lived in the best little basement apartment in SpringLake

June 2007 we bought our first home in Payson

March 4, 2008 we found out we would be parents!

November 4, 2008 we welcomed Jericho Wade Haskell into our family!

Spring 2010 we decided to sell our house and get Wade back in school

December 2010 we moved out of our house and into our super cute apartment in Payson

Winter 2010 - Wade is back in school!

April 2011 - Wade has finished his first semester! We made it 5 years being married, having a bazillion challenges, frustrations and some pretty happy and incredible experiences together!

Just think, 6 years ago when we met on blind date, I could have never imagined I'd have such a sweet, handsome and hardworking husband and the most amazing little boy in the world at this time in my life!

It's been crazy, it's been hard, it's been different than I ever imagined, and it's been awesome.

Looking forward to many, many more years with my Wade and our little family! Love ya honey!

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Shawna said...

AWW Happy Anniversary to you guys. Im so happy for the two of you. You have created such a beautiful little family. Love you guys to pieces.