Monday, December 26, 2011

Merry Christmas! and...a Happy New Year!

Jericho and his buzz....just one more to add to his collection :)

I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas! Ours was wonderful. Lots of toys and time with family. Jericho was so fun this year. He really got the whole Santa thing a lot more and was so excited to see what Santa had brought him and to open presents. He kept saying "Santa Cwause" and "Ho, Ho, Ho Merry Cwistmas". It's adorable. Christmas Eve we were able to go light a candle on Marie's grave. The cemetary was beautiful and it was pretty amazing to see it all lit up. So many people go and decorate their loved ones' gravesites. Then we had some turkey and funeral pototoes with Chelsey, Jared and Haize at our house. At about 930 we went back through the cemetary for another look. We opened our Christmas jammies and blankets and it was off to bed! We got Jericho up around 830 and played and played until 1000 when we went to Matt and Nikki's house for breakfast and more presents. After breakfast it was home for a nap! Jericho just wanted to play, but around 330 he came and layed in bed with me and said "oh so sweepy". It was great to cuddle with him for a little while and he totally fell asleep within about 30 seconds! Later that night Wade's dad and Sandra came over, then we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa Haskell. It was a great day. I just wish it didn't go by so quickly!

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