Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day

I look like a whale in these pictures, but Wade and I don't have any pictures of us in "nice clothes". We went to his niece's blessing yesterday so I thought we should have a picture. But after I saw how huge I am, I was a little depressed. I was wearing these purple shoes with my dress and I think Wade was wondering what in the world I was thinking. I wish you could see them in the picture. I'm sure everyone at church was wondering what I was thinking too! :) Plus, I can't figure out how to rotate the pictures on here! They are fixed and rotated when I upload and save it in the computer, so I'm totally stumped!
I love that it rained today! I love the sun, but I have to admit that a good rainy day every once in awhile is great! But, I hate that we have a leaky roof! We still haven't gotten it replaced so we have to have all kinds of towels and big storage bins all over our kitchen floor to catch as much water as possible. Some day we will get the roof replaced, I hope it is soon. Our poor wall is going to be ruined! I have got to win the lottery or something cuz we need some MONEY!!! Frank likes it cuz he loves playing in the plastic storage bins. It's like Christmas for him. At least he is easily entertained.
I'm still hating bed rest. I know it's what I need to be doing right now, but I am soooo ornery! I went for a ride the other day and got a flat tire. Yep, just my luck. So I had to call Wade's brother to come and change the tire so I totally got caught not "being on bed rest". Plus, we had to go buy new tires. I swear someone was trying to teach me a lesson. I guess I need to be a good girl and learn my lessons! Poor Wade. He keeps trying to be cheerful and joke around with me and I just look at him with a blank stare or start bawling. I really need to work on my attitude. So, from now on, I'm going to try harder to not be such a wench.... We'll see how I do.


Brian and Melissa said...

you don't look like a whale you look pregnant and beautiful...enjoy it!

Wade said...

Yeah, the purple shoes. I have to say I was trying to put it together but, I just figured I didn't know that it was stylish. As for the photo, make sure you upload from the "modified" picture files and not the "originals." Perhaps that's the problem. Love ya.