Sunday, September 28, 2008

Vernal Baby Shower!

My gorgeous niece, Parker. She just turned 12. I can hardly believe it!

My incredibly amazing sister, Nikki. Someday I'm going to be like her!

Aunt Nila and Estel

Mom, Verona, Aunt Jo, Stetson, Ellen and Marnie

My wonderful momma and Gram Nera. Aren't they cute?

The delicious chocolate fountain, YUMMY!

My nephew Zach "Z" with chocolate on his mouth!

I went to Vernal on Saturday for my baby shower at my mom's house given by my sister and my mom. It was awesome. As always, my sister - aka "Martha Stewart" (only better) outdid herself. We did a Halloween theme and the decorations were so cute! We had a yummy chocolate fountain with lots of delicious fruit, plus cheesecake. It was great to see my wonderful family and of course Jericho and I were spoiled ROTTEN! My fabulous momma made the CUTEST skirt for Jericho's bassinet. It is to die for. I will be taking pictures of his room soon so you can see it. Plus she had some awesome quilts made, and lots of receiving blankets. I think I have the worlds cutest blanket collection! Nik gave me my super adorable diaper bag and I am so excited! I've had a bag packed for Jericho and I for the hospital and I am so excited to now put his stuff in his diaper bag! Everyone gave us so many great things. Lots of clothes, bath stuff and blankets. I am so grateful for my wonderful family and friends and for them being so generous and kind to us. We are very blessed!


Brian and Melissa said...

Looks like you scored! I can'r believe how big Parker is. I remember when she was just a little baby. Time flies!

Iverson's, the baby :) said...

You look so stinkin cute. I love that shirt you are wearing. So Im way excited to see the pics you got taken of your belly. I read about it Wade's blog. Ive been checking every day hopeing to see them. I bet they are way cute.

Brynn said...

I kept laughing at my shirt. Polka dots was a great choice huh? :) I haven't gotten my belly pictures back yet. I'm dying to see them too. I hope they turn out ok!

Anonymous said...

Brynn, you are SOOO funny! Guess what ? I hope to be like YOU one day! You are my hero dude!!! Love ya! Sorry we didn't have a very good turnout at the shower! -sis

Ivylmnm said...


I am so sorry that I was unable to make it to your shower. I really missed out, didn't I! Okay, the weirdest thing happened today with the mailman...nothing creepy or anything! I rushed all morning trying to get a few letters and packages ready that I wanted to go out today. We got them to the mailbox and I sighed in relief. Later, after the mailman came, I went out to get the new mail...when what do I see? All the letters and your gift still sitting in the mailbox!!! What the heck. I think this mailman just has it in for me...All he ever brings are bills....and now this! I am standing out there with it tomorrow! Do you think he will just avoid me? He's better not!