Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Happy Anniversary!

Today is our 3rd Wedding Anniversary and I couldn't be more happy or content. I never thought I'd get married and neither did my family and friends. Everyone thought I'd be an old spinster with a house full of cats. Heck, when I met Wade, I already was.
I am amazed to see how my Heavenly Father has had a hand in all the events of my life and led me to my wonderful husband. I was working at Timpanogos and had known Wade's uncle for a long time. He would often tell me about his nephew, Wade, and how he thought we should get together. Unfortunately the timing was always off for a few years, but it finally worked out and on January 15th of 2005 we went on our first date. It took some convincing and some patience, but Wade finally proposed on February 8th, 2006. Life has flown by since then and I can hardly believe we have our little baby boy now.
I love you Wade more than you will ever know and I couldn't be more happy than I am with you and our little Jericho. You are a wonderful husband and dad and seeing you with Jericho makes me love you even more each day. I didn't think that was possible. So, Happy Anniversary to us. I look forward to many, many, many more!


Wade The Rascal said...

Thanks for a great day Hun.

oc&bigVL said...

wow 3 years! You look great in both pictures:)

Ivylmnm said...

Brynn, that's exactly how I remember you...and you two are so cute!! Congrats!!!