Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Isn't this face adorable?

This was last month at the Tulip Festival at Thanksgiving point.

Wade and me on a 4-wheeler wide on Memorial Day with our awesome friends, The Broadbents

He loves the jumparoo that "The Awesome Broadbents" loaned us :)

This is Jericho testing out his daddy's old cowboy boots. So stinkin cute!!

My baby boy is growing up way to fast. How can I slow down time?? I want him to stay like this. He is so much fun. He loves to talk, and squeal! In the morning and with his naps he will just sit and cuddle his stuffed animals and talk himself to sleep or until I come to get him when he wakes up. Then I get the biggest grin ever! Of course, then he starts to whine cuz he wants a bottle - NOW! He loves his bottles and can hold it all by himself now. He really is proud of himself and it's pretty cute to see his chubby little hands holding his big bottles. Rolling is one of his favorite things and he can roll all over the house. I've got to start baby proofing. I caught him with is fingers playing with an outlet the other day. Oh goodness. He tries to scoot and I think he'll be crawling before we know it. Wade is constantly demonstrating how to crawl in the hopes that Jericho is a "visual learner". He makes our home so happy and I really don't know what I ever did without him!!
Wade and I got to have a little date on Memorial Day. After all of us taking some flowers to Dylan's grave and then to a BBQ at Wade's parents, we were lucky enough to go 4-wheeling with the Broadbents and Jericho stayed with G & G Haskell. It was pretty fun and nice to do something outside. I love 4-wheelers and it was great to ride one again. Of course, Wade wanted to be little bit more wild. He and Jarin will just have to go without the girls for a more adventurous ride ;) After we picked up Jericho we met the Broadbents and their kids in Spanish Fork for pizza. We love to hang out with them and are glad that they will call us all the time. They are pretty good to us. I hope you all had a safe and happy Memorial day!


The Adcocks said...

That is one cute kiddo.
So were you pretty comfortable riding behind the slut on the 4-wheeler? That's a sweet shirt.

Brian and Melissa said...

that first picture is soooo cute! i would frame that one right up!

Wade The Rascal said...

That is one good looking boy. Good thing he took after his mama.

Jami Broadbent said...

those broadbents must be amazing! ;) Love you guys.