Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Jericho is 6 months old!!

On Monday the 4th, my little baby boy turned 6 months old! I can hardly believe it. I'm freaking out to think how fast time has gone. I can hardly remember him being my little baby. He is such a busy, happy little boy with so much energy now. He has the most amazing smile and it's the greatest thing to see. He can now roll all around the room pretty effortlessly. I think he is amazed at himself when he ends up somewhere. He will talk to himself and start squawking and I will find him giving me such a great big smile clear across the room from where I left him. He wants to crawl or walk so badly and I'm so nervous for when he actually gets it figured out. He is so busy now, I'm really going to be in trouble when he starts to motate more! He loves to stand, and will stand at the side of the couch for a long time and do his "tough guy squeeling". He really gets pretty proud of himself.
We had a little "1/2 birthday" party for him and we got him some turtle cupcakes and he loved the icing. He definately loves to eat all of his mushy food and really wants to have whatever we are having. I will take him for his 6 month check up on thursday and I am anxious to see what his stats are! He is a big, chubby, happy guy and he definately has gotten a lot of his momma's genes. He does look like his daddy, has dimples like his daddy, and of course his smile is all Wade, but in the size department, it's all momma.
I knew I would love my baby boy more than anything, but it's so amazing to realize the depth of that love and that it grows more every day. He is an absolute joy to have in our family. I love spending every day with him and playing with him. He makes everything so wonderful and special. I truly love seeing him and Wade together. I seriously get all teary eyed watching them play and laugh. It's so awesome to see my little family grow.
Happy 1/2 birthday to my favorite little boy in the whole wide world! I love you more than you will ever know!


Hope said...

My goodness...that top picture he sure does look like his mama! :)

Brian and Melissa said...

where does the time go? he is so cute. i think he is a good mix of the two of you! i am in live with his eyes!...one question? does he sit by himself?

Brian and Melissa said...

i meant love...lol

Brynn said...

Melissa, he'd rather stand or roll. But he's getting better at sitting. Most of the time he eventually tips to the side. Kind of hilarious

Shawna Iverson said...

What a handsome little man. I used to think he looked just like Wade until I saw that pic of you as a little girl, Holy cow he totally has your eyes. Just beautiful. I cant believe hes already 6 months, but on the other hand I cant believe Maverick will 2 on the May 16th, truly where does time go?