Thursday, March 11, 2010

Disneyland 2010!!

Jericho waving his heart out to goofy, you can't tell, but it was cute

He wanted to grab the brother bear bears!

Jericho LOVED to sneak a sip from gram and gramps drink

Jake and Madison (Andra's kids) grossed out that the polar bear had pooped!

getting ready to go to the airport. Last day with the balloon!

Jericho feeding the dolphins!

The famous Polar Bear and bottle. We were successful and NEVER lost bear!

Jericho loved the Brother Bear playground, but was still a little too young to keep under control!

Jericho and his cousin Jeremy playing with their $12 dollar balloons from Grandma! Holy spoiled!

Had to have a couple pictures of the balloons. They cost $12 a piece for heck sake!

I had to get Jericho some Mickey ears. Isn't he cute?

Grandpa and Jericho waiting for Adventureland to open!

Me, Jericho, Parker, Nik, and Zach waiting to get on Mr. Toads Wild Ride!

Me and my buddy outside Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

Jericho's first plane ride! He did great!

Picture overload people! I actually held back a bit, it could have been worse. We really did have a great time @ Disneyland. It was very gracious and kind of my parents to fund Jericho and I's vacation. They put up with us extremely well and spoiled us rotten. We went to Disneyland for 3 days, then onto Universal Studios, Knott's Berry Farm and then on to Sea World where we were able to meet up with my very good friend, Andra and her adorable kids. It was great to spend the day with them and has been a great way to keep in touch. I will never be able to explain my Disneyland obsession. Only that throughout my childhood I have incredibly great memories there. If felt as if you walked in and all your troubles were left behind. It's such a magical place and I could completely lose myself in each ride. One of my best memories is when we were older and I was actually in college. Mom and Dad took Parker back to the hotel with them and just Nikki and I went running around the park until midnight. It was so great! We just walked right onto the rides, laughed hysterically. I remember having a total giggle fit on Splash Mountain at one point. Then we ate a ton of "Bengal Barbeque" in between rides. It was so much fun to just be there as sisters and to be silly. I will forever remember that time.

Jericho did great for being just a 16 month old toddler. He stayed in his stroller a lot and would point at things and he noticed so much, I was surprised. He saw goofy from across the street and just started waving as hard as he could. It was adorable that he would notice him. He did great on most of the rides and only got a little nervous on Pirates when we'd go down the little hills.

Thanks to my parents and family for letting us come, providing our way and giving us the opportunity to spend the week together. It was a great time and so fun to be there. We missed Wade and it was nice to be able to come home and spend time with him. He was such a great guy and had the house clean when we got home. Oh, that is so nice to be able to come home to a clean place!!! He did say that I could never take Jericho away from him for a week again! He missed him too terribly. So, I love you family. Thanks for another great Disney vacation!!


Kayla said...

It looks like you guys had such a great time! Just the other day I was telling my cousin that we need to plan a Disneyland trip for the summer. There are few greater places on earth! :) And now after seeing your pictures I am even more encouraged to plan a trip...and soon!

Jami Broadbent said...

k you are seriously mother of the year!!