Tuesday, January 11, 2011

It's January 2011!

Family Christmas pictures. Taken by the one and only Jami Broadbent...in our apartment

This is one of Jericho's favorite spots. A makeshift bed on the wood floor. And this is the position he is always in when he lays down. Pretty darned cute.

It has been a hectic 6 months and a pretty trying year. I am ready for a whole new year and hopeful that everything will start to look up. We've had lots of changes, and trials and although I know that's what we are here for....I'm ready for life to look up!

My mom had an accident in early October, spent several weeks at the University of Utah ICU, neuro and then on to the rehab unit. She was able to come home on Halloween and we were very grateful to have her home. She has spent the last 60 days at the Uintah Care Center doing Physical and Occupational therapy and will be going back home tomorrow. She has made some improvements and we are grateful for everyone's love, prayers and help with everything from shoveling snow, dinners, to phone calls, texts or emails.
My dad had extensive shoulder surgery the day before my mom's accident in October. It would require 4-6 months of therapy and possibly not being able to work. When mom was in the hospital, dad was very sick himself. But, he stayed by her bed most of the time and has since made a pretty good recovery. We have had so much help and it has in turn helped give him time to heal. He is back to work, and is doing pretty good.
Wade's dad was sick in November, had surgery and ended up in the ICU with complications. He has since made a pretty good recovery and is doing well. We are very grateful. He is a good grandpa and is always there for us.
Wade's older sister has had lots of health problems, surgical procedures the past few months and is need of a specialist in Indiana. We are hopeful and keep praying that everything works out and she gets the care she is in need of. She has a wonderful little family and is adored as a sister, mom, aunt and wife.
We moved to an apartment here in town in December. It is a fun place with a lot of character and charm. It's been an adjustment going from a 4 bedroom house with a garage, so a 2 bedroom apartment :) And, we have had adventures in noisy neighbors and some pretty amazing mariachi music... But it's all for a good cause and hopefully getting us going in a positive direction.
Since I knew I'd be working this Christmas, we spent Thanksgiving in Vernal with my family. It was great to be able to see mom and to see some family. Everyone has spread out more and more and our group seems to be dwindling, but it was still a great time. Grandma Batty had to have knee surgery right before Thanksgiving and spent some time in the care center. So we missed her at Thanksgiving, but she is doing much better now.
We were able to have a pretty great Christmas. As always we were spoiled rotten by all of our family. I had to work Christmas Eve, but was able to spend the day with Wade's family and we had a really fun time. Jericho wasn't too into opening presents, but did like the toys. He was definitely more aware of what Christmas was and is still fascinated by "santa" and "ohmen".
Wade started school last week! He will finish his bachelors degree then apply to Physician Assistant school. He will do an awesome job and I am very proud of him. It's been a hard decision and has come with lots of complications, but again, we are looking for a bright new future!
Jericho is as busy as ever. He has been a trooper through all of the changes and is a happy little fella. He has some tough times and can whine with the best of them, but overall is a sweet and good little boy. Continues to LOVE Buzz and Woody, but we have branched out to Monsters Inc., and a few Christmas movies that he likes. He has quite the collection of Buzz lightyear toys. I can count 6 from where I'm sitting :) He says "Buzz Year" and "and beyond" and will point to his lazer and say "wazer". Jericho is an adorable boy, he is my buddy and I sure do love him.

That's the Haskell updates for now! Enjoy....