Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Day!

Happy Day everyone! Aren't these pictures of Jericho great? Wade is doing pretty fantastic photography....and he is available for personal/family photography if anyone needs family pictures done!!!
We are doing great. Life is crazy, but I am incredibly grateful for my healthy, happy little family. It seems there is always a crisis or complication. There is always a reason to be frustrated or angry. But, I am trying to recognize each day as a gift and at the end of the day I have my family and that is really all that matters, right?
Wade is doing super good in school, I am very proud of him. Jericho is still a happy, busy and sassy little fella. He keeps his momma busy and usually at whits end too :)
Work for me is good. Busy. Nights are still an incredible challenge for me. I don't care who you are, you NEVER get used to them. It really has worked out well though for Jericho.
Our house is closer to selling. Everyone keep your fingers crossed!
I hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day! Remember to hug everyone you love and tell them so every chance you get!
P.S. the weather has been crazy warm the past few days....AWESOME!! I was able to go run outside the past two days and it was fantastic. I need spring to motivate me to lose 30 lbs of this mom body!!!

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