Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Ok. So friends this may be TMI in this post.....You have been warned!

So, with all the stress that we've had in our little family the past year, I've developed some increasingly troublesome tummy problems. I've always had a very irritable tummy, horrible reflux and issues a 30 year old shouldn't have to deal with. Genetics suck at times like this people. I've got everything crummy you can think of and it came from each of my parents. Now I've just dealt with it and taken lots of medicines to keep it under control. But, I hit a wall about a month ago and it was a bugger. I got to have my first invasive rectal exam!!! Holy guacamole! Now talk about a fun time! By invasive I mean with the proctoscope and those gentle doctor fingers. (actually my surgeon is amazing....super patient and very kind...poor fella has crazy lady for a patient though) See! I told you this was TMI!!! Believe me...this is not easy or comfortable for me to discuss at all. I wouldn't tell Wade what my problems were for a long time and even now I spare most details. I really want him to be able to look at me and still be attracted to me in some way. Somehow it feels as if he knows all these gorry details he will have nothing to do with me ever again :)

Anywho....I was supposed to have an EGD and Colonoscopy a year ago because of all my problems and family hx. My dad has barrett's esophagus which is a pre-cancerous condition and therefore requires every 6 month EGD's. Plus we have horrible cancer hx in our family and that includes colon cancer. Of course, being the good nurse and patient that I am - I canceled. I was/am completely freaked out. I had a total panic attack and thought there was no way I could do it. I didn't want to be sorta ditzy and pulling at things or trying to grab the scope (I know I will). And I can barely tolerate a suppository in my behind.....due to some issues......so how in the H. E. double toothpicks am I supposed to handle a scope? So, I know they give you drugs, I know you are pretty out of it, it's just the thought that has me thoroughly and overwhelmingly PANICKED!!!

Of course the surgeon told me I have to have it done this time - no canceling. So, on Monday May 2, I get to go to the hospital where I work and have my lovely procedure done. Sorry to everyone that has to then look at me every day after that and not laugh thinking they've seen me in all my glory! And poor Wade. I told him he has to come with me and hold my hands down. He just laughs and says, "do I need to paint a bulls eye on your bum so they know where to go?" Ah, isn't he sweet? :)

And don't you worry....I'll give you a full report! Until then, everyone stay on pins and needles - cuz I sure as heck am!

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Wade The Rascal said...

Don't stress about it, Honey. Like I told you; it's just a medical procedure; something that goes on hundreds or thousands of times a day all over the country.
And you couldn't not be sexy if you tried. (I'm not suggesting you try being not sexy though; I like your sexy side.)